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Dominance + Submission Letters to the Editor 10 Cinders

Master Nak,

Ok, as long as the Dom knows and understand that it takes time and it’s something that has to be earned is reassuring. How is it different by having a Dom/sub online than it is in person? When you mention making a “fake” profile, what exactly do you mean? I might check out the website, thank you for the information. Do you have any suggestions as far as what to make fake? Also, does it do it by geographical location? What’s the meaning behind the Dom being called “Master” or “sir”? If the Dom is female are they called “Mistress” or “ma’am”?

The previous relationship you were in, as her being your first sub and I know you had mentioned that she introduced you to it, can a sub be a teacher and teach a Dom?

As far as a detachment, do you mean the saying “ladies first” in the sense that the sub receives the pleasure before the Dom? Is it usually a male/female relationship or can it also be same sex? I’m not sure if this is even remotely along the same line but when it comes to “performing” are there clubs that are like that? I mean a place to actually kinda watch? Or is that something illegal because it would be a sex club?

I do want to mention this point, one thing that very much concerns me is protection/safety. When in this kind of relationship, is it I guess “okay” to still use condoms? I guess how is there a way to know for sure you can trust your partner and know they don’t have any STD’s or anything. Are there Dom’s out there opposed to still using condoms after they’ve been in a relationship for a while? I personally am terrified and have never had unprotected sex because there is so much out there (plus the case of a pregnancy scare) that I try to protect myself as much as possible.

I will say that the fact that pretty much most of this (besides the fact of you knowing my name) is anonymous and that’s why I think I feel more comfortable. Is the “community” pretty anonymous or how does that work? I will admit that I’m not 100% sure if it’s the fact that I’m intrigued by this whole thing or if it’s the fact that I haven’t been intimate with someone in a while. I don’t take being intimate lightly with someone; I guess you could say I’m a bit old fashion when it comes to that. Also, I was surprised that I got such a great person when I first e-mailed you. You were the first person I e-mailed and again you’ve been very informative and helpful throughout all my questions.

~ Cinders


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