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Dominance + Submission Letters to the Editor 12 Cinders

Master Nak,

This might sound as a strange question but I’ve never actually used lube before when having sex. It’s always just been a condom; I know it’s supposed to help but does it make it feel better?

Like I said from the beginning I do appreciate all the help you’ve given me and trying to steer me in the right direction. That was actually one of the reasons why I thought it’d be better to talk to someone rather than trying to do my own research because there is SOO much out there that I’d probably get lost or wouldn’t know where to start. I guess you could say I’m a sensitive person but I’d say cautious 🙂

Again let me know if this is getting too personal or to a point of where I’m poking too much into your identity but how long have you been in the lifestyle? Have you noticed a change from when you’ve started to how it is now? Were you afraid the first time you started? How did you find a good first sub? Any tips or suggestions?

You’re welcome to add me as a friend on the website and let me know if I should change any information 🙂 I have also enjoyed the “conversations”.

~ Cinders

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