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Dominance + Submission Letters to the Editor 3 John

I have met a woman who wants to explore being a sub, and I have one experience

above zero in this area. Though, I must admit it was something I found surprisingly exhilerating and pleasurable.

I have been reading some and, as you mentioned, there is information all over the map. About her, she is intelligent, well-educated and successful in her job, with a position of responsibility. Those aspects of her can also be used to describe me.

I want to learn to be worthy of being a dom for her, and she is eager for me to guide her in how she can please me. I would like to ask if you can let me know where to gain the information to be a dom. This is an exciting exploration, but I would like  to find some kind of map so that I can learn quickly.


Wed, Sep 28, 2011 at 10:42 PM


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  1. I too would love information I can give to a man to help them figure out how to be a Dom. Will you Please send me info that you consider the real stuff ? :0)


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