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This may be unlike any question you have ever answered.

I have a sweet lady friend who I met online nearly 9 years ago.  We are both married but our personalities clicked within minutes and we have been in daily contact since 2002.  Our conversations have run the gamut….from how
to raise teens to home repairs….but also in the sexual realm.

We have discussed D/s many times and even roleplayed a few times but this past week she admitted things to me that confirmed she is indeed submissive and that she wants to pursue it further. Unfortunately we live 750 miles apart!

We met once at a restaurant and the next morning in my motel room 2 years ago.  A nonsexual meeting that was over much too quickly.  Do you have ideas on how we could have a successful D/s relationship while not in physical contact?  Also what books or websites can I read that describe a non/pain type of dominance?  Thank you for any help you can provide.


Sat, Dec 18, 2010

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