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Dominance + Submission Letters to the Editor 8 Cinders

Master Nak,

First off I want to say thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. You have been very helpful and informative. It’s something interesting to learn about for me.

I do agree and like the idea of finding a Dom where there can be an array of experiences where every time doesn’t have to be as intense and we can still make slow, passionate love.

I also agree where I couldn’t and wouldn’t put up with someone who tried to control every aspect of my life and it’s good to know that there are Dom’s out there that still let the woman (in my point) be herself and have her life. Is it harder to find a Dom who’s like that or is it more common than I’m thinking?

You mentioned a certain detachment, in what way do you mean? It seems that if the Dom has to detach themselves then it’s not really a true trust and connection is it? You also mentioned this being a lifesyle, in what way and how so? I’m guessing its not something you advertise but do you mean being around and surrounding yourself with other Dom/subs?

So pain always is involved? I personally am not liking that idea but that’s why I wanted to ask and find out more about it.

Let me know if this is getting too personal but how did you find your sub? Do you just go and date people I guess you could say like normal and suggest it and bring it into the relationship or do you surround yourself with people in that sort of “community” who already live that lifestyle? Also, when you’re in a Dom/subrelationship are the people involved always a couple and like “regular” relationships when dating and in a relationship? How do emotions not make it harder when in this kind of relationship? I know for me just a relationship in general is/can be emotional but adding sex and the amount of trust that you’re talking about seems like it would make it harder. Also, what, if there is a difference, by just having a fantasy or two about being tied up to actually involving yourself in this lifestyle?

Again I apologize about all the questions but like I said it’s quite interesting for me all. This might sound like a weird question but is there like a certain age range that’s more common? For example I’m 24, would you say it would be easier or harder to find a man around my age.

Thank you again and enjoy your day,

~ Cinders


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