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Dominance + Submission

The Dom Sub world in which I find myself is more elegant, the rules deeper and more subtle, the power exchange more intertwined which the real world. The pain that my Slave requires still I find a bit shocking, and my ability to control my strength so that I inflict pain without leaving bruises and marks is something I am still learning, been a new Dom and still learning.

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Dominance + Submission
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However, there is something exquisite about being with a sexual partner that is totally submissive, and her deep needs for her Master to take control still take my breath away.


  1. I need and want to be a sub but cannot find a Dom. Please help.

  2. I’d love to help where are you from?

  3. The only experience I have is from the books I read but I know I am submissive at heart. I am not looking for pain but I am looking for pleasure. I am in search of MY Dom who can set me free and make me feel alive.I am from upstate NY

  4. May I ask where you are located?

  5. Sub needs her soul mate dominant…

  6. Where do I find him?

  7. I need a good strong man to walk in wearing a mask and traping the fuck out of my ass

  8. I’m looking for a don I am a true sub I grew up watching the life of a dom and sub so I want to find someone that wants to be my true dom

  9. I a need a dom guy to just come in take charge do all the things I’m itching to do I wanna feel strength all over my body is want my holes twitching with anticipateion I want to be gagged and tied and whipped and slapped and blindfolded and bruised I want tobe pissed on spat at forced all over never gonna happen is ot

  10. Just be real no games no drama and your dreams and wishes can be yours.

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