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Passion is a fire that must be maintained, or the inner fire dims over time.

Princess Beg
“Passion, once ignited is a fire that must be maintained, or the inner fire dims over time.”

Dear Master,

Not my desire, but yours. If you so desire I would pour my fantasies on to paper for your pleasure. I am loyal, and would have a hard time going outside my “mate” to find what I need. This is the first time in a very long time I have felt the passion that once was food to me. Your site sent tingles down my body and reminded me of that throbbing that pulses through the day when your Dom calls and says come straight home. I am an aggressive woman in my daily life, I make a lot of money and have peoples futures in my hands…..the feeling I have when I submit is like the peace my soul yearns for.

After a long day, there is a bubble bath run, and silk ties on the foot of the bed and handcuffs on the headboard, you see out of the corner of your eye the whip, it is all a good sub can do to keep from cumming before she’s given permission.  Yet she knows that it will not come quickly, the bath is to get you clean and ready for your Dom, then he’ll lay you out on the bed and securely tie your ankles to the footboard. You are of course face down ass up just as it should be, he handcuffs you to the headboard, and your ass instinctively rises to be spanked if he sees fit.  The long night will leave you whelped, bruised and spent and able to think of nothing but your Dom and what you can do to please him and earn the attention he has seen fit to give you.

Anyone who understands what I mean, will never forget the feeling and will long for it for the rest of their lives. Any Dom who doesn’t instinctively know that you have to make your sub want it, need it, and reward her with tenderness and pampering, insert yourself into every thought in her head, will never truly be able to call themselves Master.  In the absence of a true Master, a subs spirit dies, she is unable to ever reach her potential happiness.

Truly thank you Master, I will read every word you utter and come panting back for more.


  1. I would love to feel that immense passion, that total loss of my “self”.

  2. I would love to feel that intensity of passion and desire and loss of my ego.

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