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Princessbegs – Guest Post

Pincess Begs

Dear Master,

Yes please. I was once in a relationship and loved him so much that I was unaware he had transformed me into a sub. He slowly and gently guided me where I needed to go with small punishments at first, rewards and aftercare came later.  I begged for him, I craved him, I could think of nothing else through my day, wondering how I could please him. The worst punishment he ever gave me was not denying me an orgasm, but giving me one and withholding his own. I was so ashamed that I had disappointed him so bad that he did not even cum for me.  I begged for forgiveness, I vowed to never displease him again.  I am a strong personality so for a Dom to be strong enough to turn me into a submissive at the mention of his name…astonishing.  He was just as gentle as he was strong, he demanded we slept naked, and he completely wrapped around me, he bathed me, he brushed my hair, and when I was bad….he punished me. He made me want it, made me need it.

We have not been together in years, I have gone on with a normal straight relationship (cannot turn my mate into a dom), but I crave the submission I so freely gave my Dom, I yearn for the completeness of surrender….I don’t know if I will ever feel that again, but I get wet thinking about it.

Thank you Master for the room to talk to you about this and the freedom to show you who I am. My wish is to have someone in my life that can give me the strong hand I need,  I want my mate to make me his, to pamper me, to treat me like the property I am, he does not understand that that is not disrespectful. I tried to tell him, that is giving me the respect to be who I am, and claiming the power I have given him over every fiber of my being.  Please Master, if you can help me, if not then be brutal enough to tell me “I cannot train a Dom”.

Thank you, I hope my story pleased you.


  1. my dear slave I was once a kid who lived in a neighborhood where men used the wives and daughters as poker chips. my parents were against it and my father was leader in community would give protection to the ladies. it was them who made me to be there master it was what i was raised with. over the years i have met men who needed a lot of training problem is if you don’t grow with it you be come a bad DOM and sometimes the slaves end up getting the worst end of the relationship. MY slave joined a site while she was with her daughter now she asked and left fopr a master who lives next door to me daughter I wish only that i had a slave as good as you to share my life with as you. One who cares about her old master. I wish you agreat futuer if you ever think of coming back full time as slave for a master get with me I am in Wisconsin. Master TAT

  2. I am really new to all of this, but the thought if having a dom/sub relationship has really appealed to me. I don’t have any prior experience with this so I was wondering where would a person like myself look to find a dom?

  3. my dear i am a master who trains subs and slaves I normally get them from all walks of life but best ones are those who come to me direct like yourself if your interested I live in Wisconsin, best if we talked in private and then you decide if you be interested in coming and learning. best would be text my private text line it is open during now till Friday on Fridays to Monday it is turned off as i don’t allow any interference in training. XXXXXXXXXX i require that when contact each other you will need your driver liscence to prove you are not a minor. Second we will meet in a public place where you can decide if you wish to continue in to training arrangement. 3. after that its up to how soon you would like to start.

  4. Hey Master TAT,

    I am removing your phone number from this posts. You need my permission. Master Nak

  5. Master,
    I’m so confused and upset. I recent met and immediately mutually connected with a man who I’ve entered into a D/s relationship but also it was taking on traits of a bg/gf relationship. I’m ecstatic about the concept and adore my Dom. He has given me every indication that he’s happy we’ve met and cares about me. It’s only been about 8 weeks but we just connected so fast to our delight. My dilemma : My Dom/Daddy’s ex sub showed up suddenly about 2 weeks ago saying she wanted him back, that she was ready to “give him what he always wanted/needed” ( not sure what that was). She was his sub for a long time and they have a special bond according to my Daddy. He said “something happened” the night she was with him, but didn’t go into detail, but I can guess. He said it put him in turmoil and confusion and hadn’t been the same since with me. We hadn’t seen each other or really talked since that night but he came over this week before leaving for 3 day business trip to explain and apologize. When he left, there was no real definitive resolution, as he said he wanted to take the time he was away to “gain clarity”. She’s thrown him into an emotional tailspin and I fear I will lose him. Before this everything was perfect, my Daddy was happy and kept telling me how unexpected but wonderful that we’d met that I was “refreshing” compared to his past relationships. Now, he’s pulled away to “process what’s going on and think and gain clarity”. My heart is broken, and I feel powerless. I miss him so much, I hate not talking and texting each day, and knowing I’m his bg. I’ve told him very honestly and emotionally how sad I am and how I miss him so and am frustrated and hurt by this unexpected twist. Communication has been next to nothing since he left Monday and I feel the more I try to communicate or text how sad I am without him the more I’ll push him away. I don’t know what to think of all this or how to handle it. Please help. Thank you.

  6. Are there any young Dom males that what to talk? I am a male sub and I yearn for a relationship like this talks about. Please write back on this forum with your age of you are interested.

  7. Relax. If it is as true as you say, and I do hope it is. Then he will be back. He will be back only for you, thinking of only you, and him. If he is still thinking about his ex sub then HE is silly and at fault. Not you my lady. Being submissive is strong, and very beautiful. He is not good for you if he wants his cake, and also have HIS ice cream too.
    Just my opinion. YOU are worth so much more.


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